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ROCKETRIDE    Racing fuel coffee

Whole bean


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A noble composition of 90% Arabica and

10% Robusta beans from Indonesia, Central America, Brazil and India will impress every connoisseur.

Gentle on the stomach

Thanks to the selected mixture with valuable antioxidants and the slow, gentle drum roasting, our coffee has a PH value of ~ 6. This makes it particularly digestible and therefore contributes to your well-being.

The taste

This blend uses 90% of sweet Arabica beans and 10% of full-bodied Robusta beans.

The slow and gentle drum roasting gives it a mild, elegant taste with a light fruity note and a chocolate/nutty note on the finish.

Method of preparation

Regardless of whether it is a fully automatic machine, portafilter, moka pot or filter coffee. This coffee tastes great everywhere.
Each type of preparation creates a new taste experience: sometimes  More chocolaty, sometimes slightly fruity, definitely a tasteful experience.

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